Monday, October 12, 2015

The Flash!

I’m binge watching THE FLASH right now as I had fallen behind on the show and my pal Cliff was kind enough to loan me the first season on Blu-ray. I’m enjoying all the references and in-jokes for comic fans. It’s a fun show, with likable characters and a protagonist who seems to genuinely enjoy being a super hero and using his powers to help people. As usual, DC’s TV shows could teach their theatrical releases a thing or two. I understand there’s a Flash movie in development that isn’t connected to the show. I’m sure it will be grim and gritty and dark which is about as far from The Fastest Man alive as you can get.


Keith West said...

I really need to carve out some time and watch this show (and Arrow). The Flash was one of my favorite comics when I was a kid. If the most recent Superman movie is an indication of how DC is going to be doing their movies, I'm probably going to pass on the theatrical releases and catch them on DVD or Netflix. Yes, Batman should be dark, but not all the other heroes. I thought one of the best superhero movies as far as simply being fun was Antman. Hopefully, DC will follow that template rather than Superman.

BTW, did you ever see The Flash TV show that ran for about one season in the late 80s?

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Keith, I did see the 80s show and really liked it. The guy who played Flash in that show plays Barry Alan's father in the new series in fact.