Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Upon a Ghostly Yule

   Yes, I know it’s Halloween season, but my friend Amanda DeWees has written a nifty ghost story set at Christmas, so I wanted to recommend it. The Victorians loved to tell Ghost stories at Christmas. Most of M.R. James’ amazing stories were written to be read during the Yule season. Amanda has written a delightful Christmas ghost story set in the Victorian age that fits right in with the (ahem) spirit of those times.
   The thing I enjoy the most about Amanda’s writing is her character’s narrative voices. Her viewpoint characters are always so well written and entertaining that it makes reading their adventures a pleasure, like spending time with a friend. Upon a Ghostly Yule is no exception. Felicity is an engaging heroine and I enjoyed hanging out with her. The wonderful thing about this story is that it supplies everything one might want from a Victorian romance and manages to generate a couple of real chills too. It’s October as I type this, so a ghost story was welcome, but I plan to read it again at Christmas time.

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