Saturday, March 19, 2016

Griffin and Price Move to Cohesion Press

Fans and readers of the Griffin and Price series written by me and James A. Moore will be glad to learn that the series has a new home at Cohesion Press. From the press release.

"Just contracted for two more books.
James A Moore and Charles Rutledge are regular collaborators, and the pinnacle of their work is the Griffin and Price series.
Private investigator Wade Griffin and Sheriff Carl Price. Life long friends, raised in the small town of Wellman in the Georgia Mountains, now turned reluctant fighters against the supernatural.
Sort of Supernatural crossed with Hap and Leonard.
More news soon on the releases.
I KNOW you will love them.
I sure do."

I'm seriously psyched to be working with Cohesion. The publisher is probably best known for their SNAFU series of Military Horror anthologies and novels. More monsters and Mayhem in Wellman Georgia on the way. More details later. For more about Cohesion, their website is here:


Tim Knight said...


Charles R. Rutledge said...

Thanks, Tim!

Keith West said...

Excellent news. Congratulations to you both.

Paul R. McNamee said...

Congratulations. Well done.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Thanks Keith and Paul!