Monday, March 28, 2016

This Just in: New Sexton Blake From Michael Moorcock

Sexton Blake Library 6.2

We're delighted to announce that the second title in the relaunched Sexton Blake Library will come from the incredibly talented pen of Michael Moorcock.
Mike will be completely re-writing his Blake novel CARIBBEAN CRISIS, restoring the novel to the something closer to his original intention, before editorial interference changed it!
(that's the original cover by the way - there'll be a new one for this entirely updated version!)

Further details - including how to pre-order - to follow as soon as we have them...


Chap O'Keefe said...

Thanks for alerting us to this news, Charles. My immediate reactions are strangely mixed. Few of the "Desmond Reid" novels would figure in any top ten from the SBL's W. Howard Baker era. They were revisions of manuscripts submitted in what editor Baker deemed a less than immediately publishable state. The ones that went through my hands at the copy-editing stage included CARIBBEAN CRISIS. My memory was that it was a somewhat laborious piece of work even after it had been worked on by Baker and probably his friend G. P. Mann ("Arthur Maclean"). Its choice for revival must surely be based solely upon the laurels and reputation Moorcock has long since won for his fantasy and speculative fiction. Perhaps Mike will be able to do something with the story that will lift it into something more than a first stepping stone in his emergence as a novelist.

My comment on any new cover would be that the dreadful one used on Mark Hodder's Sexton Blake Library 6.1 does not fill me with any confidence about what 6.2 might bring!

Angel Badia Camps, the artist responsible for the original cover, bought by publishers Fleetway from the Barcelona agency Selecciones Illustradas, has been rightly lauded as one of the best of the Spanish school. See the article "60s Chic: The Alluring Art of Angel Badia Camps" in Illustrators magazine, Summer 2012. Therein Camps is described as one of the older members of "the golden generation of Spanish comic artists ... who electrified British comics in the '50s and '60s before doing the same in America with Warren comics and countless paperback covers."

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Thanks for all that fascinating information, Keith. I love stuff like that. I'm guessing it will be an almost complete rewrite by Moorcock. The original was done in collaboration with the late James Cawthorn. I'm hoping it will be fun.

Yes, the cover of there first volume left a lot to be desired. Can't understand why they wouldn't spend more time and money on a cover for their first effort. The book wasn't likely to attract anyone who wasn't already a fan of Sexton Blake.