Sunday, April 10, 2016

I Told You So

   Back in May of last year, when I mentioned how glad I was to see 'MY' Superman in DC's Convergence, and how I hoped to see him in his own series again, I was told by a comic book insider, who assured me that he knew far more about the industry than me, that 'No one cares about that character, and that would never happen.'
   But it's happening. This June, the pre-Flashpoint Superman will be the lead in the reborn Action Comics, which will return the venerable comic book to it's original numbering.
    I rarely say 'I told you so.' But I'm saying it now.

 I told you so.

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Keith West said...

This is good news. I guess no one cared about that character except the fans with money to spend. Or not, if they didn't like the product.