Monday, April 18, 2016

SNAFU: Black Ops Cover Reveal!

As promised, the SNAFU:BLACK OPS cover reveal, with updated contents list, revealing that my story with James A. Moore will feature Jim's signature character Jonathan Crowley teamed with my 12,000 year old Barbarian Kharrn.

And here's the cover art for SNAFU: Black Ops.
Again, the list of contributors for this one:
-- Jonathan Maberry with a Tom Imura/Joe Ledger crossover
-- Nicholas Sansbury Smith with an Extinction Cycle story
-- John O'Brien with a New World tale
-- Hank Schwaeble with a Jake Hatcher thrill-ride
-- James Lovegrove and N.X. Sharps with a Pantheon series narrative
-- Alan Baxter with an adventure set in the Alex Caine universe
-- Kirsten Cross
-- Richard Lee Byers
-- James A Moore & Charles R Rutledge with a Jonathan Crowley and Kharrn crossover
-- Tim Marquitz
-- Seth Skorkowsky
-- Christine Morgan
-- R.P.L Johnson

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