Sunday, April 17, 2016

SNAFU: Black Ops

Cohesion Press released this info today, so now I can too. A new anthology with a new story by me and my frequent collaborator James A. Moore.

SNAFU: Black Ops is coming toward the end of this year.
It's an invite-only SNAFU, with 13 ALL-ORIGINAL stories by some of the best writers around.
-- Jonathan Maberry with a Tom Imura/Joe Ledger crossover
-- Nicholas Sansbury Smith with an Extinction Cycle story
-- John O'Brien with a New World tale
-- Hank Schwaeble with a Jake Hatcher account
-- James Lovegrove and N.X. Sharps with a Pantheon series narrative
-- Kirsten Cross
-- Alan Baxter
-- Richard Lee Byers
-- James A Moore & Charles Rutledge
-- Tim Marquitz
-- Seth Skorkowsky
-- Christine Morgan
-- R.P.L Johnson

More info and hopefully a cover preview in the not too distant future.

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Keith West said...

Congratulations! I'll keep my eye out for this one.