Saturday, June 04, 2016

A Little Ochre Book of Occult Stories

Karl Edward Wagner once said that his stories about his hero-villain Kane were really horror stories with just enough action to make them qualify as heroic fantasy. For the new KEW collection 'A Little Ochre Book of Occult Stories', editor Stephen Jones has chosen two of Wagner's most chilling Kane tales. In fact, for my money, UNDERTOW is the most flat out horrific Kane story of all. The last page stays with you long after you've finished the story. The other Kane yarn, REFLECTIONS FOR THE WINTER OF MY SOUL is definitely in my top five stories about Kane.
In addition to these stories, you also get Wagner's most famous and most reprinted story, STICKS, plus a few other short tales, some verse, and a never before published essay. All of this in a beautiful and well made little book. My pal Cliff Biggers and I were lamenting the days of the small press when publishers like Arkham House, Mirage, and Donald M. Grant turned out hardbacks of all sizes and shapes. You don't see nearly as much of that these days, but this small book from Borderlands is definitely the same sort of thing you'd have gotten from August Derleth back in the day. For fans of Karl Edward Wagner and for lovers of books, this collection gets my highest recommendation for style and content. Limited to 500 copies and available now.

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Keith West said...

I ordered this one through Cemetery Dance. Looking forward to reading it.